Dedicated to early stage startups
Easy customer support for your SaaS 🚀
Improve customer experience by talking to your users within Messenger embedded into your product. Publish knowledge base, and help answer frequently asked questions.
Customer support
Messenger embedded into your product
Your users don't have to leave the product to talk to the support team.
Your team
Blazing-fast Inbox
Your team can chat with users via a dedicated inbox. Conversations can be prioritized or assigned to individuals.
Lead information
Conversation details
You can see the details of the conversation with the user. You can also see the history of conversations with the user.
Knowledge base
Business knowledge
Knowledge base of your product
You can publish a knowledge base to help customers find answers to common questions. You can also integrate the knowledge base with Messener to help customers find answers to questions before they they contact your support team.
Hello, Hola, 你好, Bonjour
Sobel automatically translates articles into other languages. When editing an article, you can select the language into which you want to translate the article.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Sobel focus on small teams and their products. We want to deliver easy to use and affordable Customer Support platform.

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Currently we are in closed beta. You can join waitlist and we will notify you when we are ready to launch. We will also send you a discount code for early adopters.

What’s included

  • Messenger Widget
  • Knowledge Base
  • Shared Inbox
  • 4 seats ($10 for additional seat)


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Sobel is a free product

We believe small teams also deserve for excellent Customer Support Platform
Our mission is to help small teams to provide excellent customer support software. Customer experience is crucial when building a successful products.
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